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Many kinds of food cooked for this occasion are being served because they are considered symbols of luck. Oranges and pomegranates: One of the most known symbols of the Chinese New Year is the orange and it represents luck.

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Pomegranate, on the other hand, is treasured for its many seeds, which symbolize fertility, but also for its red color that has the power to keep evil spirits at bay. The Chinese also serve a whole fish that symbolizes abundance, and a chicken for gaining prosperity. The chicken must have the head, tail and feet still attached, connoting wholeness, perfection. The noodles must not be cut, because they symbolize long life. The huge quantity of food served during this period is meant to symbolize the abundance and wealth of the house where they are being served.

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The most appreciated though is the food vividly colored in red, orange, green and gold. The ingredients consist of foods that represent good fortune. Jai will include lotus seed, representing the hope for many male offspring, ginko nut, representing silver, black moss seaweed, the hope for wealth, dried bean curd, wealth and happiness and bamboo shoots for good wishes for everything. Nothing should be lent on this day — anyone who does so will be lending all the year.

References to the past year are avoided as everything should be turned toward the New Year and a new beginning. For this reason children are not told off on this day.

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Shooting off firecrackers is the Chinese way of sending out the old year and welcoming the New Year. The Dragon Dance is an ancient traditional Chinese dance, usually performed during big holidays, in hope of attracting peace and prosperity for the whole nation. As millions of Chinese people stated to emigrate abroad, the tradition of this dance has become common in many countries. In time, the Dragon Dance became a symbol of the Chinese culture.

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The rat has also been celebrated in , , , , , , , , It is a lesson in responsible enjoyment. Pigs, you are in your own year, and Rats, you are on the threshold of your year. Reorganize first and improvements will follow. Bear in mind that in any Chinese animal year, the easiest things to accomplish are those in the areas of life that the animal governs. The year of the earth Pig is about protection, nurturing, and a direct and simple approach. The Pig is love. Work on your close relationships and repair friendships, if necessary. The Pig's yin energy is free flowing, yet within yin is great strength.

In , reach out and make friends with the Pig. Be honest when reading the above. You may not be a Monkey, but you probably have an "inner animal" that gets you into trouble. It is the earthy Pig that can help you find the middle way between going full-tilt and doing nothing this year. The year teaches you how to apply appropriate behavior and focus on enriching your life in the next twelve-year cycle.